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Friday, August 22, 2008

Novak Djokovic and Leryn Franco May Be Next Hot Couple

Djokovic only could get a bronze medal in tennis, but the Serbian managed to conquer Leryn Franco, a Paraguayan pitcher of javelin, considered one of the most beautiful in the Olympic village and that always makes his last show as a model.

In the Sunday edition of the newspaper La Nacion of Argentina, highlights the continuing departures in public two athletes in Beijing, the No. 3 tennis player in the ATP ranking, according to the versions collected in the Olympic village .

Leryn Franco asked forgiveness from Beijing today with tears in their eyes all Paraguayans to be eliminated in the preliminary round of the Olympic Games. The best launch of our compatriot, 45.34 meters, left her in the penultimate position of its series and is almost ten meters below his best mark.

“Djokovic looks to his new partner as if it were a trophy,” said the blog Olympic La Nacion newspaper, citing an Argentine athlete. “Is it official? Yes, of course. If you go hand in hand to all sides, “says the athlete, who gave no further details.

Leryn, one of the most sought after by athletes, seems to have lifted the morale of the Serbian player who despite not having won the gold, stayed with the prize most coveted by men in the Olympic event.

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Yuva said...

Paraguayan athlete looks great.